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According to Free Games UtopiaThe top 50 free games

The best PC free video games on Free Games Utopia according to user ratings. Don't like the chart? Go to the game page and cast your vote!

Retro games are reborn into...Free remakes

Remakes, as the word suggests, are old video games remade with better graphics, smoother gameplay and a number of other improvements.


Once were on sale, now they are...Liberated games

Liberated games are commercial games (usually old ones) re-released by their owners with a freeware license, hence the term "liberated".

Become one of the Elites of...Space exploration

Explore the universe, fight space pirates, become a trading expert, mine asteroids in space exploration games.


eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate...4X strategy games

Bring your empire to victory by conquering territories, research new technology and wage war against your enemies.

Meet fellow adventurers in...Free-to-play MMORPGs

Massively multiplayer online role-playing games: lots of players in a single world + computer role-playing + open world gameplay.

Part Metroid, part Castelvania...Metroidvania platformers

Metroidvania games are platform games with gameplay elements borrowed from two popular series: Metroid and Castlevania.


Japanese Role-Playing...Free JRPGs

JRPGs games distinguish themselves from western RPGs mainly by the anime style and the peculiar turn-based combat.

According to you...The most popular

The most popular free games are calculated by page visits. It's pretty obvious that you're most interested in... well, see for yourself.

Full free VS free-to-play

Free-to-play games allow players to experience almost everything without paying. Full free games are completely free, no payments are necessary.


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Free Games Utopia: a home to free PC games

What is Free Games Utopia? It's a database of free full version video games for nearly every PC operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, DOS and even FreeBSD, Amiga, Spectrum, Commodore 64.

Free Games Utopia is updated reguarly, but not often, after all it's maintained by one person only. On Free Games Utopia you can find all kinds of freeware such as: old liberated games, free-to-play MMOs, MUDs, free browser-based games and interactive fiction. I hope you'll like it!


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