Escape from Dr. Colosso

Escape from Dr. Colosso is a shooter game released in 1997 designed and developed by Campana Productions. Escape from Dr. Colosso can be described as a liberated game and can be played on the following operating systems: DOS. Escape from Dr. Colosso is part of the Colosso series.
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“This was part one in the series. It was first released in April of 1996. The story begins with our beautiful Red Princess being kidnapped by a mad scientist named Dr. Colosso. You must rescue her and save the world from this killer. The doctor is a hideous man who has made hundreds of men and monsters work for him and fight you with all they have. It's your life against theirs to reach our princess and destroy the mad doctor. You have friends along the way to help you and weapons to use for a good fight. If you can fight your way out from Colosso's dungeon, and follow the mad doctor through the portholes of time, you can win your princess back and make the world right.” - Campana Productions

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Escape from Dr. Colosso
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