Alien Carnage

Alien Carnage is a platformer game released in 1993 designed and developed by 3D Realms. Alien Carnage can be described as a liberated game and can be played on the following operating systems: DOS, Windows.
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“Starring hero "Halloween Harry", Alien Carnage is an impressive game with no detail overlooked. Professional musical soundtrack, brilliant full-VGA graphics, non-stop animation and huge start-game and end-game cinematics.If Duke Nukem has a twin separated at birth, it's got to be Halloween Harry! Harry has an armory of weapons he can find and use, besides the devastating flamethrower that he starts the game with. And Harry's jetpack takes him to spots on a level that normal heroes could not reach.” - 3D Realms
Alien Carnage key features:
  • a classic shareware game in four episodes
  • need a DOS emulator to run: DOSBox is a good start

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Alien Carnage
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