Bio Menace

Bio Menace is a platformer game released in 1993 designed and developed by 3D Realms. Bio Menace can be described as a liberated game and can be played on the following operating systems: DOS, Windows.
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“You are Snake Logan, a top CIA operative who likes to do things his own way. Metro City has fallen under the attack of hideous mutants and your mission is to fly recon over the city and report back. While circling over the city you're shot down by hostile forces and forced to crash land on the streets of Metro. Grabbing what supplies you can find you are out to discover the source of these mutants and especially the guy who shot you down!” - 3D Realms
Bio Menace key features:
  • lots of action, Duke Nukem style
  • three skill levels, lots of weapons, lots of monsters
  • secret weapons and hidden levels
  • complete joystick support and partial Xbox controller support

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Bio Menace
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