Noiz2sa is a shooter game released in an unknown date designed and developed by Kenta Cho. Noiz2sa can be described as a full free version game and can be played on the following operating systems: Windows.
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“Control your ship and avoid the barrage. A ship becomes slow while holding the slowdown key.A green star is the bonus item. A score of the item(displayed at the left-up corner) increases if you get items continuously.” - Kenta Cho
Review by Freeware Database:
“Noiz2sa is another excellent shooter from Kenta Cho that features abstract shapes to shoot at. It doesn't sound particularly interesting at first but once you dig in you'll find that it is just as addictive to play as the rest of his games. The red dot located inside your ship is the object that you need to protect from an endless barrage of bullets. Each stage consists of ten sections, and your current progress is conveniently displayed on the top right. A boss awaits at the end of each level if you manage to survive that long.“

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