Hero Core

Hero Core is a shooter game released in 2010 designed and developed by Daniel Remar. Hero Core can be described as a free, optional donation game and can be played on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OSX. Hero Core is part of the Hero series.
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“Flip Hero returns for the final battle against his nemesis, Cruiser Tetron - but can he really stop the reign of the machine warlord for all time? Like the first game, the graphics are black and white, the controls are simple and the gameplay is easy to learn. The nonlinear game world allows you to tackle the boss machines in nearly any order, or head straight for Tetron's headquarters if you're skilled enough.” - Daniel Remar
Hero Core key features:
  • black and white pixel graphics for retro gamers
  • an action game to play at your own pace: no hurry
  • a Metroidvania game in its simplest form

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Hero Core
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