Knytt is a platformer game released in 2006 designed and developed by Nicklas Nygren. Knytt can be described as a full free version game and can be played on the following operating systems: Windows. Knytt is part of the Knytt series.
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“The Knytt was abducted by an alien! Traveling through space, the UFO flies into a meteor and crashes on a nearby planet. Luckily, the Knytt and the alien survive, but the UFO is a wreck. How can the Knytt possibly find its way back home again? Knytt is a free platform game for Windows featuring exploration, atmosphere, and infinite cuteness.” - Nicklas Nygren
Review by Game Hippo:
“Platformer games are a common and often generic genre. It quite rare to find a charming and innovative game such as Knytt. Instead of mindless action or tons of puzzles, Knytt offers a relaxing exploration of a large, beautiful world with a wealth of atmosphere in it. In Knytt you play as a small creature that looks a lot like a monkey, called a Knytt. Knytt roams away from home one day and gets abducted by an UFO. As the UFO is flying somewhere in space, it is obstructed by asteroids. Taking a heavy hit, the UFO is sent plummeting down and crash-lands on some unknown planet. With no other choice, Knytt must gather pieces to repair the space ship to leave the planet and hopefully get back home.

Knytt's gameplay consists of jumping and climbing across platforms in search of the missing components to the space ship. To help you in your goal, the Knytt can emit light that points to the closest piece of the ship. Although it doesn't show you how to get to the part, it ruins a good deal of challenge you'd get from searching without it. This is both good and bad, as I think finding the parts without it would be very frustrating. The only other challenges aside from searching is avoiding the many deadly obstacles and a handful of harmful creatures. To help you discern hostile creatures from neutral, the Knytt is covered in a red aura when a dangerous enemy is in the area.

Together, the graphics and sound are really what make Knytt such a memorable experience. I found myself absorbed in this game and I didn't close it out until I had beaten it. Sadly, the game is short and has a minuscule amount of replayability - which happens to be the only problems I have with Knytt.

Knytt key features:
  • one of the most relaxing experiences in modern independent video gaming
  • a slow paced platform game with soothing colors

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