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GAME GENRE - Point and click adventure games were very popular during the golden age of PC gaming. Titles such as Monkey Island or King's Quest made the history of the adventure genre. In recent times, indie developers revitalized the point and click scene. The love for this genre is so strong that some fans developed point and click adventures and made them available for free.
Popular point and click adventure games: Monkey Island, Leisure Suit Larry, the LucasArts Indiana Jones series, The Longest Journey.

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Zak McKracken: Between Time and Space

adventure / point & click
Artificial Hair Brothers

King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown

adventure / point & click
AGD Interactive

Lunchtime of the Damned

adventure / point & click
Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw

Flight of the Amazon Queen

adventure / point & click
Interactive Binary Illusions

Teen Agent

adventure / point & click
Metropolis Software House

Beneath a Steel Sky

adventure / point & click
Revolution Software

Lure of the temptress

adventure / point & click
Revolution Software

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