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GAME GENRE - A dating sim, short for "dating simulation" is a type of video game that focuses on interpersonal relationships, typically romantic ones, between the player's character and other in-game characters. These games often blend elements of visual novels, interactive storytelling, and simulation games to create an experience where the player can pursue romantic or platonic relationships with various characters.
In a dating sim, you typically assume the role of a character, often with customizable attributes or backgrounds. You navigate through a story, making choices at various points that influence the development of your character's relationships with other characters in the game. The choices you make can lead to different outcomes, including various romantic endings with one of the characters.

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College Kings - Act I

simulation / dating sim
Undergrad Steve


simulation / dating sim
AChat Animation Studios

Blush Blush

simulation / dating sim
Sad Panda Studios

Moe! Ninja Girls

adventure / dating sim
NTT Solmare


simulation / dating sim
Team Amorous


simulation / dating sim
VRChat Inc.

Crush Crush

simulation / dating sim
Sad Panda Studios

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