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Play free and free-to-play remakes of old video games based on old glories

The freeware scene is scattered of developer teams or lonely programmers who take inspiration from old video games to create something new or simply to remake them. Sometimes, the best way to pay homage to old video games is to create a remake with updated graphics and sound, smoother gameplay, better controls with the purpose of making a better game than the original. Video game remakes are a wonderful way to show that kind of appreciation to the old times and sometime are a prelude to a career in the video gaming industry.

The games that gets remade the most are classics well known to videogame players. Civilization, Sierra On-Line point&click adventures, Zelda, Transport Tycoon are just some of the games that got remade by fans. Also, arcade classics are a favorite of developers who are looking for easy remakes: Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Pengo were all remade multiple times.

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