What is Free Games Utopia?

Free Games Utopia is a one man web-project aimed at spreading the knowledge about freeware games.

There are a LOT of free video games around. Little free games made by young programmers in their bedroom, huge free-to-play titles published by big video game companies, old games liberated from their original developers; I try to take every possible free game in consideration when I'm updating the free games database.

There are other websites dedicated to free video games but I felt every single one lacked the focus on free video games only and a simple interface. I wanted to make my own site! Being the only developer, I tried to keep Free Games Utopia as simple as I could by implementing only the most useful features and designing the website in the most usable way possible. It's not easy to mainain a whole website by myself, since I also have a full time job, but I try to uptade Free Games Utopia as often as I can.

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