Telengard is a RPG game released in 1985 designed and developed by Avalon Hill. Telengard can be described as a liberated game and can be played on the following operating systems: DOSWindowsAmigaCommodore 64Apple II.
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“This page is dedicated to Telengard, an ancient computer game which I wrote in 1982. This game was then sold by Avalon Hill, and was available for the Commodore Pet, the Apple ][+, the TRS-80, the Atari 400/800, the Commodore C64 and eventually the IBM-PCjr and the IBM-PC. It is a dungeon crawl, creating an adventurer whom wanders through the depths of the Telengard Dungeon and was itself an evolution of an older program I wrote, DND, which ran on the PDP-11 under RSTS/E and on the DECSystem-20 under TOPS-20.” - Avalon Hill


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